Chromebook, Computer Powered by Chrome

Today is Chromebook technology, the computer powered by Chrome. For you who are currently working with internet all the time and then Chromebook sounds like the best thing you should purchase this holiday because during holiday you cannot just sit behind your desk and since you have Chromebook in your hand, you can keep connecting with all clients you have though you are not around your office.

What news from Chromebook that makes this better than any other notebooks or netbooks? There are some features offered by Chromebook, the first is new login screen that is only required two step verification but with the highest security feature enabled. Second is Chromebook is coming to you with offline application, so you can access your Gmail though you are not connected to internet. Third is Chromebook is completed with NTFS support or New Technology File System that will make you easier to connect with you external storage. More features you can get from Chromebook such as the speed so you don’t need to wait because the boot will resume all pages instantly and then security, yes if you are using Chromebook there is no need for you to install antivirus because it provides you multiple layer protection that will protect all data in your computer, and since there is no blue screen Chromebook is very simple with automatically update for the apps. When it comes to the connectivity, well Chromebook is the winner because it is built in with Wi-Fi and 3G so you can connect to internet anytime and anywhere you want. Moreover about web apps, just access the chrome web store and enjoy thousands of web apps that you can use for free and there is at least one new web apps added everyday.

So, what do you think about Chromebook? If you are interested to get Chromebook this holiday there are two options available for the brand, you can choose Samsung Chromebook or Acer Chromebook. From the design both Samsung and Acer Chromebook almost look the same but surely the specifications in each Chromebook is different, both Samsung and Acer Chromebook are using Intel Atom Dual Core as the processor and coming to you with 4-in-1 memory card slot and HD webcam, however, Acer is built-in with HDMI port while Samsung is built-in with Mini-VGA Port, when it comes to continuous usage, Samsung is better than Acer, Samsung has 8,5 hours of continuous usage while Acer only has 6 hours.

Where you could go to buy Chromebook? Rightnow, Chromebook is available online at Amazon, PC World and John Lewis. Check on the price and buy Chromebook this holiday and explore the world in different way.


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