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Are you currently looking for a cool theme for your blog? Well, perhaps you have found some websites that are offering premium theme but what is the point of spending your money to pay premium template if there are a lot of cool themes that are offered for free. There is one site recommended for you to go for huge collection of free themes for blog, especially for Blogspot themes; it is

Once you have entered the site, you will be provided with the huge collection of themes for Blogspot that is offered for free. One of the themes offered is Camino, a three column template designed by Lasantha. The unique thing of this theme that catches my eyes at the first place is the slide show in the home page of the theme. Yes, you can replace the slide show with whatever picture you want to place. You can see that my Blogspot right now is using Camino theme and I put some pictures from MIDORI PHOTOGRAPHY that I take from Facebook.

Well, it seems like you are also interesting to use this theme for your blog but there are some questions in your head about how to edit the appearance. It is true that there is one significant limitation from Blogspot if compared to Wordpress. It is easy for Blogspot to find cool theme but you have to edit the appearance rightly from the HTML page, unlike Wordpress that is much easier because what you need to do is just working with the widgets and appearance settings that are already there and you just need to move or click them but you cannot just pick any theme for Wordpress.

So, let start editing the appearance of Camino theme from the most significant aspect; it is the slideshow. Well, the first is you should go to your Blogspot dashboard and then go to the Design page and click Edit HTML. Find this HTML code:

The location is almost in the bottom of the page, it is not very difficult to find. Once you have found the HTML code above, you can start editing the slideshow:

  • Change this
by replacing it with the Title you want, if you are seeing my blog right now, I replaced the featured post 1 title with MIDORI PHOTOGRAPHY.
  • And then replace the description

With whatever description you want to write. I chose to write more info about MIDORI PHOTOGRAPHY and then the information about picture that I use as the slideshow, from the model, photographer up to where the picture was taken.

  • - In this code,

You can replace the ‘SLIDER-1-URL-HERE’ with the URL of the link where you want to bring your readers to if they are clicking the slide. I chose to bring my readers to MIDORI PHOTOGRAPHY FACEBOOK PAGE and I replaced the ‘This is featured post 1’ with the title I want; which is MIDORI PHOTOGRAPHY FACEBOOK PAGE.

  • - The last thing is replacing the URL of where the picture is coming from.

You have to make sure that the picture is having .jpg as the extension and you can get the picture from anywhere and I took the pictures from my Facebook. However, you have to make sure that the picture is fit with the available space in the sliders; you have to do some experiments first about the size of pictures that will be fitted with the splace in the sliders.

After you finish with the sliders, there are more things you should do. Please get back to the top of the HTML page and find this HTML code:

Change the DESCRIPTION HERE with information you want your readers know about your blog and replace the KEYWORD HERE with whatever keywords you want your readers to find your blog, you can use more than one keyword by separating each keyword with comma.

One important thing that you should remember when editing this theme is you have to make sure that you keep the footer credit. It is actually the only thing that the designer wants you to do. You can use this theme for free and the only thing he wants is only keeping the footer credit. Well, I think it is the best deal you can make with the designer for the cool theme that is offered for free.


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