Learn from the Amateur

Do you know that when talking about photography you are not only talking about skills but also talent? Perhaps you have entered the best photography school in town but still you need talent. Have you heard that for success life you need 99% talent and 1% skills? Well, it is actually a weird term and not really popular among photographers but it is totally true people with talents could learn faster than those people with skills that they get from paying expensive photography school and private tutor.

That is why if you are interested to be a professional photographer, don’t too focus on your photography school because photography is not about what you learn from school but much more about what you get and what you see from the real life. It is actually what photography needs, you make everything in this life memorable in the form of photo that is why keep all beautiful things in this world into everlasting memory is the main job of a photographer. Looking for some references from professional photographer could help you improving your skill and surely your talent but nothing that is wrong for you too to learn from the amateur because though they are amateur and haven’t get amazing portfolio as professional photographers but sometime you must be surprised that some of their ideas are proven to be fresh because actually those kinds of photographers are never stop to explore their new ideas and worlds.

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