What a Nerd Wants

The first time I found out about the Nerd term was when I was in freshmen year at University. One day I attended Reading Class and my lecture gave the class a copy of article about Nerd, entitled Give Nerds a Chance written by Cathryn Michon. It was a short article about having a relationship with a Nerd.

After I finished reading the article, it seemed like I was watching my own reflection in the mirror, and realized that 'I'm a Nerd'. Well, I had realized that I wasn't a kind of popular girl at school, I love books and computer, and prefer to spend all of the time that I have by my own. Well, actually that I'm so thankful that I was born in a small city where bullying is not a trend (well, at least when I was at school, i don't have any idea about the school's condition today), and most of the students were old fashioned and about technology were so left behind, so they didn't really care that computer and books are closely related to the Nerd's world...

Well, actually there is nothing that wrong of being a Nerd, many people, today, said that they cannot find any Nerd quality from me, but the only one that knows whether I'm a Nerd or not is only me, and I know that I'm a Nerd and I also I know what I want...


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