New Song About A Girl

Inspired by my own friend's story, here is the new song that I just finished writing... Well, still do not have the title yet for the song but the lyrics is already complete.

I hope in short time i able to record the song with my old guitar which actually has a horrible sound, but I just don't have any strength to throw it away or have any money to buy a new one :D , but one thing that makes it special is it has been accompanying me to pass a boring night and helping me compose some songs.

Some other songs, can be watched in my Youtube's channel, Geolzzz's Channel. Actually the word 'my' here is not quite right because this channel originally belongs to the whole roomers in 4C; a boarding house that I've been living in since 2004, since the first time I landed in Jogja and started my college life.

Anyway, here is the lyrics:

There is a story about a girl
Solving mystery of what loves are
One thing to worry here's come the weary
There is no body to be her fairy

Standing in a line waiting for turn
She thinks she will get what she deserves

Oh no Oh no
Life is not always like what you meant to be
Someone that you love might turn back and leave
People you depend on laugh when you're crying
But one thing for sure, you're no longer you are

There is a story about a girl
Solving mystery of what loves are

One thing to learn here that life is changing
The chance for the girl to free and flying


Miftahhurrahman said...
October 23, 2009 at 3:35 AM

don`t forget to make song about "short-ass" people

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